The Hound of Endtown Reading At Imagine Books and Records

My first public reading was one of the best days of my life, a memory I'll surely never forget. After following some sage advice from some classmates who pointed me to the Imagine Books and Records store, I scheduled a signing and reading. The staff there was fantastic and I want to point out that Imagine is a great hotspot for local talent in San Antonio. They not only welcome writers but poets and musicians. In fact live music is one of their biggest attractions outside their book sales. If you're ever in town check them out and see what they have in store for their weekend lineup. 

I cannot explain the love I was shown that night by my family, friends, mentors, and strangers. In fact I was so little prepared for the reception I didn't bring enough books to sell. When everyone lined up I realized I had made a terrible mistake. The Hound of Endtown was a labor of love, and what I thought would be a ten page short story turned into something more. I am forever grateful for everyone who's made this possible because truly my dreams would not have come true without them. So for those of you who've been there for me I thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

Palo Alto College's Working Writers Panel Discussion

Palo Alto College was the first college I attended after the Army. I was apprehensive about furthering my education because of my struggles during high school. But I stuck with it. That decision turned out to be one of the best I've ever made. PAC afforded me great opportunities and allowed me to meet other talented people and inspiring mentors who helped guide my talent. 

One such opportunity was my invitation to be a speaker at their Working Writer's Panel. The panel consisted of professors and faculty who worked at the college while pursuing goals as writers in their spare time. It was a great chance to listen to their stories and share my own (I was the only student writer on the panel!). The best reward was reaching out to fellow students, the young writers in the audience, motivating them to get out there and tell their own stories. I also used it as a chance to promote self/indie publishing, a current red I believe is a useful tool for up and coming writers yearning to share their work with the world. 

A Look at The Hound of Endtown 2nd Edition

I struggled finding an artist who could not only match the vision I had for the cover of The Hound of Endtown, but also meet my deadline. I decided to take the issue into my own hand and scrap together my own cover, using Createspace's templates. The first edition cover was made using a mix of the template and a quick charcoal drawing of a dog silhouetted by a city.

While I have and endearing love for my first printed book cover, it was too crude for my taste. I could do better. So I dabbled in water paints and after a few attempts I came up with the current cover you see now in the second edition. Along with this I added the first chapter of Hello Defiant, the sequel to The Hound of Endtown. 

The evolution of the first edition The Hound of Endtown, from concept to proof

American Monsters Reading At The Twig Book Shop

The signing of American Monsters at Twig Book Shop was a fantastic experience I'll never forget. The Twig advertised the event through several outlets including The SA Current, a local arts and cultures magazine. The signing was scheduled on a Saturday during the weekly market at the Pearl Brewery. The market gives local sellers the opportunity to sell a wide range of items like homemade soaps and organic foods. This offered The Twig plenty of foot traffic and shoppers dropped in to ask questions about the book.

Originally there wasn't going to be a reading, but after a sizable audience started asking if The Twig could accommodate a reading they acquiesced. Because The Twig hadn't made room for a reading they allowed me to take everyone outside and read in front of the store. One of the employees noted how impressed he was by the size of the crowd, going as far to say that he had never seen that many people come for a writer. The rest of the time was spent sharing my moment  family, friends, mentors, professors, teachers, and strangers. I'm excited to hold another reading at The Twig with the upcoming release of Hello Defiant.