A former cavalry scout, Ben Longoria served in the united states army from 2005 to 2013, deploying to mosul and baghdad. While he began writing at a young age he didn't commit to it until the final years of his time in the army, writing his experiment into the ebook market, A Death solar: Amaranthine, the first novel in a planned series. A death solar was discussed in an article for the la times and was the focus of a band he Co-founded in Seattle, alongside fellow soldiers Joseph Lefevre and sEAN sedillo. After BEING given an honorable discharge at the end of his service, he returned to his hometown OF SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS.

It was here he enrolled at Palo alto college where his talents were recognized. He was given the opportunity to interview the city's local poets, including Dino Foxx (Tragic Bitches and When the glitter fades) and Jacinto Jesus Cardona (pan dulce), for Palo Alto and the Department of culture and creative development's archival project. 

During his enrollment, following his first ebook release, Longoria wrote and published the post apocalyptic novella, The hound of endtown, in 2014. Shortly after, he published American monsters, a collection a short horror stories inspired by writers like H.P. lovecraft and stephen king. 2017 will see the release of respective sequels for these titles, Hello Defiant and The forest around the hill. 

Future works include the third entry in his endtown trilogy, The Hermit, along with The infinite lives of thomas reyes, lemuria, the Amanda and Luis Trilogy (the Ever Diver, Gunray, and king mercury), and the A death solar series. He also offers students and other writers interviews and collaboration with their own projects, with the aim to support and nurture their writing skills. Longoria currently attends UTSA with a major in creative writing and a minor in english literature.


His favorite writers are stephen king, cormac mccarthy, clive barker, ernest hemingway, dmitry glukhovsky, frank herbert, edgar rice burroughs, robert e. Howard, Kurt Vonnegut, H.G Wells, H.P. Lovecraft and several others. 

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Bryant Reed is a United State Army veteran with twenty-seven months spent in combat zones as an interrogator. He is currently the owner of Tested Never Defeated Coaching in North Carolina. There, he’s able to reshape lives and bodies with his philosophy of positivity. Maintaining a clientele of over twenty-five individuals, Bryant Reed spends his days inspiring others to lead fit and healthy lives, physically and mentally. In 2016 he competed in North Carolina’sGolds Classic, a bodybuilding competition, and won first place. He’s also competed in several marathons, including Spartan runs, and spends time sharing his story as a motivational speaker.Tested Never Defeatedis his debut book.