The Hound of endtown Ben longoria

"A fantastic book written by an author on the rise. His use of symbolism helps to create well developed characters that keep you engaged..."

This lauded novella explores themes of humanity and survival in a post apocalyptic setting through the eyes of its unique protagonist. It is the first of the "Endtown" trilogy followed by the upcoming Hello Defiant and The Hermit. 


When the world comes to a mysterious end, Scout finds himself alone and trapped in the absence of his masters. As hunger and thirst narrowly claim his small young life a chance event opens the doors to freedom. Outside Scout finds a world consumed by horror and death. During his perilous journey across the ruins of civilization Scout encounters cannibals, ravenous animals, the ghosts of the dead, and many other dangers. Through his eyes we witness the thin line between man and beast.

American Monsters Ben longoria

"Horror stories that actually conjure fear and paranoia."

Inspired by American folklore and Lovecraftian horror, this collection of short stories invent a new expansive and terrifying North American mythology. American Monsters is followed by an upcoming second volume of short stories titled The Forest Around the Hill.


For thousands of years America remained untouched by human hands. It was a wild and mysterious land set between two vast stretches of ocean. In those savage years evil hungry things called this land their home. When these horrors and men crossed paths there was bloodshed and insanity, but in the end they were driven off. They hid away in the recesses of this country waiting for our moment of weakness, waiting for us to forget them. This book is a collection of tales about these monsters, abominations, and wicked creatures. From the first meeting to the end of the world read about these American Monsters.


Defiant Ben Longoria

"...it forces you, as the reader, to really dive deep within yourself and acknowledge what you are capable of..."

The sequel to the post apocalyptic novella, The Hound of Endtown, Hello Defiant continues Scout's journey to Isla Cielo, the last refuge of those who survived armageddon. The novel is followed by The Hermit (upcoming).


The Defiant shuttles a single man, the Passenger, to carry out a mission to save humanity from extinction. Surrounded by crushing infinite void and haunted by memories, the Passenger is steadily consumed by madness. The idea of walking into space becomes more appealing as the years pass, until hope comes in the form of a mysterious message. Ignoring the impossibility of it, the Passenger is reinvigorated by his correspondence with a ghost from the past. But are the messages real or nothing more than the delusional imaginings of a man overcome wth loneliness to the point of insanity? Or maybe, just maybe, they're real?

Tested Never Defeated Bryant reed

"In this his debut book, Bryant Reed allows his reader to climb into his often uncomfortable past with his unique voice of unwavering passion as he shares some of his most personal experiences."

In this debut book, author Bryant Reed explores his personal experiences with addiction, disease, war, and relationships, all leading to his eventual redemption and rise as one of North Carolina's prolific athletic and motivational figures.


Athlete. Soldier. motivational speaker. Bodybuilder. Former addict. Survivor. Bryant Reed takes you along his Life's journey in his debut memoir.

The Forest Around the HilL Ben longoria

Coming Soon!

The horrific mythology of American Monsters continues in this volume of short stories. Inspired by the early American  superstitions and Lovecraftian monstrosities, The Forest Around the Hill delves further into ancient and hideous evils hidden throughout North America.